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“A system is anything that talks to itself."
- Kevin Kelly

Moonolith - A Monument to the Moon and the stars.

Moonolith is an interactive monument for public space, reflecting the Moon and star constellations on its surface. It is a monument devoted to the urban dweller. An ode to black matter, to the void, the space in between, time and its passing.

Moonolith is a dark reflection of the sky. With subtle sounds and lights it visualizes Moon phases, star constellations and the people that surround it.

A Monument to Time

"Life is the spirit incarnate in time."
- Buckminster Fuller

Unlike historical monuments, Moonolith does not commemorate historical persons and events. It pays tribute to monumental temporariness of time passing. Moonolith is a special public clock, which measures the biorhythmics of time.

It makes a symbolic connection between the Earth’s satelite, stars and people; it declines celebrating the past, it reflects the world during the day and Space at night as a monument and as a reminder of the “here and now”.


"Space & light & order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep."
- Le Corbusier

The installation is site specific. Each version reflects a new relationship with the space and visitors. In Ljubljana, it is placed on the re:public square, where it establishes a symbolic connection between Politics, Finance, History and Trade. The re:public square and its emptiness is auspicious metaphor of the destiny of public space.


"Luminous beings are we... Not this crude matter."
- Yoda

Its dark surface reflects the world during the day and universe by night. The surface of the static monolith effects the consciousness of everything in its proximity. The dark reflective surface mirrors its surroundings and distorts its reflection because of its geodesic structure. On its surface we thus see the omniverse of parallel reflections.


“We are reaching deep within ourselves to adjust the master knob."
- Kevin Kelly

Moonolith is a living organism that responds to its visitors. It operates on two levels. During the day it is a sculpture which subtly creates a surface of peacefulness and contemplation. With human interaction, its surface is transformed into a light and sound instrument that is interfacing with its surroundings and the Universe.

Geodesic Dome

"Tension is the great integrity."
- Buckminster Fuller

The base for its modular design is Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. The geodesic sphere of the MOONOLITH is modern three dimensional squaring of the circle, projected into Euclidean space. The crystal geometric structure is placed into the present cognitive pollution as a prototype of its cleansing. Because in Fuller’s opinion the pollution is just an indicator of the level of unused resources ready to be utilised.

Moon and Stars

"The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars."
- Arthur C. Clarke

Moonolith is a nonument devoted to universal symbols of the Moon and stars. All across its surface the actual Moon phases are reflected. The Moon is a constant relation to the Earth. Its tides affect life on Earth and define our biorhythm. The Moon represents the first measurement of human time, as the first calendars of mankind were Lunar calendars.


"Time moves in one direction, memory in another."
- William Gibson, Distrust That Particular Flavor

Moonolith is a new sound and space installation from the Nonument series. Nonuments are a series of Utopian objects in public space, developed by Baraga. The concept of a Nonument reflects hidden or overlooked monuments and spaces with a strong symbolic message in a physical, mental and virtual space. Nonument researches the meaning and development of monuments and the phenomenology of collective memory.

Project Development

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew."
- Marshall McLuhan

Moonolith is a result of a multi-annual research conducted through the DarkStar platform which joined creators from various fields in the research and development of a contemporary interactive and mobile monument for public space. DarkStar is designed as an open platform for technological, architectural, sound and graphic innovations.

Previous Installations (DarkStar):

Athens Digital Art Festival, 2015
Svetlobna Gverila, 2014
Technarte, Bilbao, 2014
GLOW Next, Eindhoven 2013 – Winning project of the GLOW Next commission open call
EdgeArts, Lisboa 2013
TodaysArt Festival, Haag 2012
Kinetica ArtFair, London 2012

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Martin Bricelj Baraga is an artist and curator. His interactive works, audiovisual performances and collaborative work research the relation between man and machine, social aspects of contemporary popular culture, future monumentalism and political dimensions of mediated realities of today. His works are usually large-scale installations in public spaces and unusual architectural contexts. He often uses light and sound as means for creating an atmosphere that challenges our perceptions. His works are questioning symbols and myths as a series of time and space-based experiments.

Moto Workshops

In collaboration with the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), the Moonolith Lab will host a full month of workshops and talks on the topics of light, the Universe, technology and sound. The workshops start at 5 and 7 pm, the lectures and talks start at 6 pm if not stated otherwise. The workshop are free and suitable for all age groups. We advise you to check out the monthly program for more information.

Workshop program and schedule


Stay updated on the launch of Moonolith in Ljubljana


Martin Bricelj Baraga • koncept in umetniško vodenje • concept and artistic direction • Primož Puntar • Izvršni producent • executive production • Slavko Glamočanin • programiranje in interakcija • programming and interaction • Fraction • zvočna kompozicija • sound composition • Igor Vuk • tehnično oblikovanje • technical design • Niko Okorn, Samo Pavlica, Blaž Vegelj, Vishal Kassie • tehnicna podpora • technical support • Vishal Kassie • spletna stran • website • Ajda Bevc • oblikovanje • design • Neuropolitan Hieronimo Morfejev • memetika • memetics •

Produkcija • Production • MoTA – Muzej tranzitornih umetnosti • Sofinancirajo • MOL, Turizem Ljubljana, Ljubljana - Zelena prestolnica 2016 • Partner • MAO – projekt MOTO • Partnerji delavnic • Pedagoška fakulteta Ljubljana (Oddelek za fiziko), Zavod Z lahkoto!, Iniciativa Čipke • Pokrovitelja • Akripol d.o.o., RIWAL najem opreme d.o.o.

Moonolith je nastal v sklopu projekta ALIPI - Advancing Light Driven Public Interactions, ki ga sofinancira program Kreativna Evropa.

Posebne zahvale • Special thanks • André Gonçalves, Olga Mink, Olof van Winden, Denis Orač, Bojan Kos, Blaž Peršin, Aleks Hribovšek, Achilleas Kentonis, Marko Rusjan, Tomaž Kucer, Luka Zagoričnik, Uroš Veber, Nataša Mrkonjič, Rok Pernus.